by Eave

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released June 29, 2016

Brian Tenison- Bass/Vocals
Ian Stoller- Guitar/Synth
Caleb Porter- Drums/Guitar

additional performers:

Jeff Boratko- Piano and additional vocals on 5
Carla Stoddard- Violin on 3 and 5, Flute on 5 and 9
Inna Manashkin- vocals on 9
Damian Jovanovic- additional vocals on 3 and 9

Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Brian Tenison and Ian Stoller at the University of Hartford

logo and artwork by Justin Penna



all rights reserved


Eave Connecticut

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Track Name: Holy Ropes
bloody insect
which we awoke
with exasperation
in billowing lines of smoke

dead sky
all suffering
liquid wings
all hovering

capacity be damned
subject are we to clustering

searching always
sure of dying

to the goddess,
a humble offering:

"in tattered cloak
our lives shall be revoked
the steady drip
of our blood
strengthen your holy ropes"
Track Name: No Meadow
the bleeding cascades of the moon
the mirror that split me in two

by cover of god
i don't need your wings anymore
uncovering god
on the bedroom floor

the lights in your face
let me feel one more thing

its cascading down

you caught me in your web

a spider that shifts in the dark
Track Name: Veil
harvest body
wash the blood in the ocean
cleansing the scar
each weed dancing
each dying
helpless star

oil in the sand

birds are searching

orbital lenses
sleek and gray
flexing momentum
old deathless granite complexion

the stench of victory
bleeding and twitching
the malice of mystery
Track Name: Sap
surgical mastery
drowned alchemy

the ocean shrieks old hymn
cobalt sky of nightmare
dead stand now with vim
boiling river of dream
where brazen folk do swim

sensory deprivation
the damned trade vein for circuitry
a grand transfusion
of lungs and mercury
ice now marring marrow
we've sworn to reclaim history
Track Name: Oak
flooding the ancient drains
for their laughter, they will pay
murmurs of gods
the heathens won't obey

ignite the rat king
raze this earthly beauty
a world so great
the rodents swarm to soothe me

it's not lost
the smell of the rain
that lovely ecstasy
the earth in my veins
Track Name: Raze
weak knee
oak chest
eye of the statue
yearning unrest

laced dialect
maggot clad in flesh
body split open
they shriek
they rip at my breast

open anatomy
gaping orgasm
old shit, old swine
a perfect piece of history
Track Name: Lineage
splinters of evidence
on the forest floor
fevered aggressions
you can't sweat out

dreaming in circular patterns
sleeping convictions of lineage
wishing that apparitions would materialize
with sluggish damnation
besmirching the tears that well their dead eyes

a navigation of honor
an assumption of truth
a jaded course
which if falsified
would make this forest a wildfire
Track Name: Zorya (зоря)
her lungs will radiate from high
tearing rifts in the trees
with razors of gold
ripping wounds in her sky
to cleanse and to mold
Track Name: Danica (Даника)
awake to dusk
greeting a starry sky
the pale reflection of her bones
on the ocean
the night's devotion
does oppose